Apply For A Grant

The colman foundation will consider applications for assistance, with books or educational equipment on behalf of an individual child, from schools and from organisations other than schools.

APPLICATIONS. The basic premise under which the colman foundation will consider a request for assistance from a school is that, when a Principal of a Government School or senior member of an organization dealing with the underprivileged believes a student is in genuine need of assistance with books or other special needs, we will try to help.

As our funds are limited, we ask you, as Principal or applicant, to consider each request very carefully. (The Principal acts effectively as a school based representative of the trustees of the foundation using his/her professional discretion in all cases.) The foundation does not deal directly with parents and will refer all inquiries back to the school or organisation.

Grants are typically made in the range of $40 – $350.


  • If satisfied that the need is genuine, please complete the Application Form. (Parents and students should NEVER be given the Application Form to complete.)
  • If the case is urgent please let us know and we will fast track the process.
  • The decision as to the number and variety of items to apply for rests entirely with the Principal or senior member of the organization. When in doubt, it may be appropriate to submit a minimum request, encouraging the parents to cover any remaining items themselves. If, subsequently, circumstances warrant further assistance, another request on behalf of the student can be made.
  • Assistance will NOT be granted to meet fees, or for clothing or camps – except in most unusual cases.
  • We can best meet the needs of the student if as much accurate detail as possible is given when completing the Application Form.

Click here to download the application form.

Please complete the form and send to:

colman foundation c/- Marie Darby Moore Stephens Family Office, Level 18, 530 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia