Education Minister Bronwyn Pike commented, “The Brumby Government partnership with the Colman Foundation is the first long-term investment by a philanthropic organisation in a single Victorian government school and outlines our commitment to encouraging business-education partnerships that will result in ensuring our students are given every opportunity to succeed”.

Submission by Julius Colman AM to the Gonski Review of Education Funding [PDF report] 

“The Doveton School – Opening the Gates – an integrated model at Doveton College”[PDF report]

White Knight takes on a tax dragon by Caroline Milburn (The Age) 6 Feb 2012 [PDF report]

Primary Care? At Doveton College that Comes in Spades by Amanda Dunn (The Age & Sydney Morning Herald) 29 Jan 2012

Practical Creative Philanthropy– Swinburne University of Technology – Dec ’13 –  talk by Julius Colman –  http;//

Doveton Students make musicwhich Roland Music releases world-wide!